SATs & Assessment

Assessment is an important part of teaching and learning. We assess our children in several ways:

– Informally so that we can see how well they are learning during each lesson and Teachers can adapt their teaching, reinforce learning points or challenge children to extend learning

– Formatively by carrying out specific tests and marking against key learning objectives

– Summatively to provide an attainment grade against Age Related Expectations set by the Government

Teachers provide Attainment and Progress Reports to parents/carers each term and provide verbal or written reports to accompany and explain these. It is very important that we work in partnership to ensure every child achieves their absolute best.

Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) take place in the Summer Term of Year 6. The Government want to check how well children are progressing through the education system and so every child in the country sits statutory tests at key points in their education. Tests are taken in Reading, Grammar Punctuation & Spelling Maths. Teacher assessments are reported at a national level in Writing and Science.

It is very important that Yr6 children are not absent from school during the national tests which usually take place around May.