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Ethos and Values

Victoria Academy is a vibrant, caring and stimulating place where everyone is valued and each individual is an important member of our whole community.

An extensive range of experiences and activities ensures that all pupils are challenged and have the opportunities to achieve and celebrate success. A well established culture of academic, social and emotional support means the needs of each child are addressed and met, so that all children can experience success. High expectations, coupled with a great sense of fun create a dynamic working environment which fosters the skills of life long learning and high standards of attainment.


We will inspire our pupils to enrich both their own lives and the lives of others. We will nurture a love of learning; the motivation to succeed; and ensure high academic standards, enabling all students to fulfil their limitless potential through perseverance and effort.
Our aim is:

We will work hard to meet these aims so that whatever their starting point when they arrive, our children will leave with the world at their feet – equipped and ready for continued learning and successful futures.