School Uniform

The compulsory school uniform is as follows:

Uniform Policy

The Governing Body’s rules regarding jewellery are simple and straightforward – only ear studs and a watch may be worn in school. All ear studs must be removed for PE lessons and other physical activities, by the children themselves. Earrings are the children’s own responsibility.

We ask that all uniform is labelled clearly.

Girls:           Turquoise school sweatshirt with school logo or turquoise school cardigan with school logo
                    School kilt, school pinafore or charcoal grey trousers
                    White blouse or white polo shirt
                    White or grey tights / white or grey socks
                    Black shoes – not trainers

                    Summer Uniform: Yellow  gingham summer dress and school cardigan with school logo

Boys:           Turquoise school sweatshirts with school logo
                    Charcoal grey trousers
                    White shirt or white polo shirt
                    Black shoes – not trainers

Additional items are also included in our uniform range, but these items are optional; fleece jackets, baseball caps and school bags.