Big Maths

‘Big Maths’ is a key part of our mathematics curriculum. The focus is very much on developing core numeracy skills, learning tables securely and early, applying existing knowledge into new contexts and developing both mental and formal calculation strategies.

The programme provides a genuine numeracy framework that blends 5 vital mathematical principles into one simple programme.

Children become numerate by following a natural sequence of progression: e.g. for a child to know double 70 they need to know double 7 first. Big Maths calls these steps of progression “Progress Drives”.

Children need to have key basic skills in order to use other maths skills: Therefore it is important to separate out the learning of core basic skills from the ‘using and applying’ of those skills. Big Maths calls the basic skills ‘Core Numeracy’ and the use of these skills ‘Outer Numeracy’.

Children acquire the basic skills of mathematics through a carefully ordered series of CLIC stages: Big Maths shows Core Numeracy in more detail as a 4 stage process;

Counting (children learn to count and to ‘count on’)
Learn Its (children then short cut this counting by recalling their ‘counting on’ as facts)
It’s Nothing New (children then ‘swap the thing’ to realise that the counting fact, or ‘Learn It’, can be applied to any object, amount or unit of measure)
Calculation (the previous 3 phases are combined to provide a calculation structure)

In Yrs 3 & 4 Big Maths forms the major part of each lesson, with other areas or the maths curriculum being taught as appropriate. This provides a strong mathematical foundation for children to build on in the next two years.

In Yrs 5 & 6 Big Maths forms part of maths lessons, where appropriate to secure learning, but the focus for learning is now on using and applying maths knowledge across the full maths curriculum.

We find that Big Maths helps children to become confident mathematicians and raises their self esteem.  If you would like to know more, please come in and have a chat!