Phonics & Reading

At Victoria Academy we aim to develop a love for reading by providing a wealth of reading experiences.

We strongly believe that a love of reading enhances children’s lives and also equips them with the language and vocabulary needed to become successful writers.


 We teach phonics as the building blocks for reading and spelling. Pupils are also taught to read and spell common words and learn a range of spelling patterns and rules

Guided Reading

 Our children participate in weekly Guided Reading sessions where they experience a wide range of reading activities and texts

Home/School Partnership

We promote a strong home/ school partnership and encourage children to read regularly and discuss books with an adult at home.

Extending Reading Experiences

We aim to provide children with a wide range of additional and fun reading experiences both within school and further afield. These include:

‘Read Something Special to Someone Special’
Local library visits
Visiting Poets and Authors
M & M Theatre Productions
‘Buzz About Reading’ event
‘Spellbinding’ competition