Visits & Visitors

Here at Victoria Academy, we take every opportunity to make learning come to life for our children. We provide additional opportunities and experiences to enhance learning in National Curriculum subjects through a variety of educational and fun visits.

We also have strong links with many businesses and members of the local community, who regularly pay visits to school to put learning into a real context.

Examples of Trips and Visitors

All of our children thoroughly enjoy regular productions by M and M Theatre Company, as well as regular assemblies by members of our local church community. Here is a flavour of some visits and visitors included in our curriculum:  

Year 3  
Barrow Library  – Story workshops
Tesco – Science Project and ‘Work Experience’
Burlington Slate – Science Project
Barrow Park – Geography Project
Malt Kiln (1 night Community Building Residential) 

Year 4 
Beacon Museum – History Project
Manjushri Buddhist Centre – RE Project
World War II Evacuee visit
World War 2 Day
Barrow Library
Rampside Residential (1 night, super packed activity residential)

Year 5
Big Bang Science Fair at Furness College
RoboLab – IT Project
Holly How, Coniston (2 night Outdoor Education Residential)
Lego City – DT Project 

Year 6
Beamish Museum – History Project
ESH Building My Skills Project – Business/Character Focus
Library archives – History Project
Learning Away camp (1 night camping experience) Transition Project
London (2 night City Residential) Cross Curricular Project 

For further information about trips and visitors, including photographs please visit individual year group pages on this website. Alternatively, come and talk to members of staff who will be happy to provide further information about these exciting opportunities.