Working with Business

At Victoria Academy, it is our belief that increasing learner engagement, through real and purposeful learning opportunities, is instrumental in motivating our children to achieve their very best and raise their aspirations regarding the opportunities available to them, both within their own community and the wider world.

We see Business and Enterprise Education as a way to foster and develop core skills through real situations; to promote education for citizenship; to enhance pupils’ personal and social development through problem-solving and working with others; to provide opportunities for pupils to make informed choices and decisions and take responsibility for their own, independent learning.

Our collaborative community links ensure participation, liaison and resource sharing and maximise links with higher education and local business to develop the skills and experiences our children will need for economic stability into adulthood.

We welcome and encourage partnerships with parents so our children can be inspired by, and benefit from, their wealth of knowledge and work-based skills.

Business and Enterprise opportunities within the curriculum

Our broad, balanced and creative curriculum is planned carefully to maximise opportunities for business and enterprise projects, from large scale challenges to smaller personalised activities that motivate and challenge children to develop a wide range of learning for life skills.